Browse the Internet for topics such as Computers/Internet/Searching and you will be bombarded with thousands of websites, blog sites, information and news. In fact you will get more than what you have bargained for. However, go through the various search results and you will see that there is nothing much to differentiate between each of them. It is the same old wine in a new bottle with only changed labels.

Now cut to our site and the differences with the rest of the blog sites will be instantly noticeable. Even for subjects that are as cut and dried as computers and the Internet, we manage to bring freshness and an exclusivity to every blog posted on our site.

This is largely because of the advanced skill sets and the vast knowledge base of our team of writers on these topics. Hence our blogs are detailed and incisive and bound to capture the interest of our readers. Additionally, blogs posted on our site are double checked by our editors, just to ensure that any news, information, technical data and even trivia are accurate and precise in all respects. Hence our blogs are high on credibility and authenticity and can be fully relied on in all aspects.

When browsing our site, you will notice that it is divided in three categories – computers, Internet, and Searching. This makes it easy for readers to navigate through the site and pick blogs for reading that capture the attention without having to wade through material that does not hold much interest for him/her.

In our Computers section, we have news and updates of the latest technologies, the processors, new gadgets and innovations in this field. For the more academic inclined, we have blogs that trace the origin of computers and how they have evolved over time from room sized models to ones that perform equally well on 6in screens. We also offer lots of reading on modern high speed super computers and those used for gaming.

In the Internet category, we have write-ups on the origins of the Internet, the connection between World Wide Web and the Internet and how they are changing lives for the better. Topics such as Internet of Things (IoT) are dealt with in detail and this is bound to interest the common person as the IoT is ruling the scene now. Most items of daily use from smart TVs to home automation are based on this concept today.

As part of our interactive approach with our readers we invite dedicated bloggers to send in their write-ups to us. We are sure that your familiarity and expertise in the subjects that we deal in will reflect in your blogs and this will immensely benefit our readers.

Our only requirement is that the blogs should be relevant to the topics that we deal in and should be original unpublished pieces. We will send an email to the contributors once the blogs are posted on our site.